HYGROPHIL® F, Moisture Analyzer, Type 5673-10, -11, -12, -13

  • Moisture Measurement in gases and liquids
  • Combined moisture and temperature sensor
  • Multiple channel analyzer, max. 3 sensors can be connected
  • Measurement at high pressure up to 200 bar (pressured dew point) and in vacuum
  • Sensor can be placed in (cl. I/div. 1)
  • Maintenance-free and long-term stable


HYGROPHIL F 5673 works with a combination sensor which by means of a fibre optical method measures the moisture content and by means of a PT100 measures the temperature in the medium. The very robust construc-tion of the sensor and the measure-ment procedure itself offer several de-cisive advantages.
Among the advantages of this meas-urement principle which is protected by patents are the following:
  • High measurement safety including accuracy, reproducibility and low hysteresis
  • Long-term stability of the sensor (no drift!)
  • Measurement directly in the pres-sured pipe is possible (pressured dew point!)
  • Sensor can be placed in hazardous locations (class I/div. 1)
  • Simple installation and integration (Swagelok, Parker, …)

HYGROPHIL F 5673 was particularly designed for the natural gas industry. In the meantime it is used for moisture measurement in a diversity of gases and liquids. Due to the high-quality materials re used the sensor is extremely robust and resistant to almost all mediums.